Voices, noises, distractions t’boot,
can’t think, emotions rise, frustrated.
Sit, sit and sit again, what to do?
outside noise unbearable, hated.
Move to another room, comfort here,
noise pollution follows, all consuming.
Why today yet okay any other?
gritted teeth stop my voice booming.
Shut the f**k up, it’s driving me mad,
go so far as to say bloody crazy!
A ha (light bulb) my lovely inner child,
currently, far from being lazy.
It’s Sunday afternoon, a wonderful day,
first snow of the year begins to melt.
No cloud, amazing bright sunshine,
yet disrupting mind health is felt.
Get outside and inhale some fresh air,
take a moment to breath… then recall.
You’re not and are never alone,
in that still inner voice “Me! I Care”

©Donna Broomham 2021