A Taste Of The Blue Road


Sitting alone in the stillness
always hopeful never forlorn
Appearing in the distance
my loyal spirit Unicorn
Rocco is my transport
into the void and beyond
He understands me totally
of him I have grown fond
There has been much to learn
and even more to see
With his protection I travel
to wherever he takes me
Sensing Great Mystery
as we travel through the air
Time is of no consequence
in a blink we are there
I lose myself and my form
no longer seeing through my eyes
For I have become Raven
soaring through the skies
Beyond the Star Nation
visiting the four corners of earth
Getting a glympse of what’s to be
of where I was before birth
A taste of The Blue Road
the freedom is emense
The physical me meditating
my body without sense
Sits lifeless and waiting
still and never forlorn
My soul starts to return
with Rocco my Unicorn.

4 comments on “A Taste Of The Blue Road
    • Thank you Kelly I have been truely inspired of late
      and I am pleased to see people enjoy my spiritual work
      Kind Regards

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