Am I Psychic

Was I born psychic
or developed from old
Did I learn as a babe
or formerly told

I know that I am
and have memories of when
Stories I tell
again and again

All true of course
from the age of seven
My very first conact
from Grampy in heaven

He died and left us
I was with Nan and Dur
Mum and Dad came
and said “please look after her”

They left me to sleep
it was late at night
Poor ol’ Grampy
gave up his fight

So then I tell of a dream
from the night before
About Grampy’s greenhouse
being blown to the floor

It couldn’t have happened
it was only a dream
No it wasn’t real
though real it did seem

Not many days passed
I was shocked to the core
Hearing of the wind
taking the greenhouse to the floor

You may say coinsidence
what’s that all about
But at seven years old
I am psychic no doubt

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