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    Just For Starters

    Be individuals first
    Be comfortable in your own skin
    Work at the relationship daily giving it 100% each
    Admit your wrongs
    Congratulate when things go well
    Don't play mind games
    Spend time together away from the TV/Social Media
    Spend time apart if it suits you

  • I am by no means a marriage counselor however, I have had enough life skills, been in and around many difficult relationships. Not forgetting some magical moments and some unforgiving.

    If there is one thing I have learnt it is that you may forget what people say, but you never forget how they make you feel ~ this was often quoted by an inspirational woman Dr Maya Angelou. Who goes on to say forgiving someone doesn't necessary mean you invite them back into your home either. 

    Relationships aren't necessarily just about marriages. We have business partners, best friends, colleagues, buddies, to name a few. All needing time from each other to make the relationship work. If they're not working, blame arrows get thrown and a gap is driven between you.

    How easy would it be to have an understanding of some of the root issues that bring about the blame arrows? If we could just grab the flight feathers before the point did any damage.

    How about taking a long hard look at yourself? What makes you tick? What is it that sets off that crumple button in you? What long family story are you unknowingly playing out? If you are ready to find out ~ I look forward to hearing from you.