Beginners Tarot Course

About Tarot

Tarot is over thirty five thousand years old and many decks have followed and been inspired by the Waite-Smith Tarot widely known as Rider Waite Tarot

About Meredithe

IAZ Dip, SAC Dip, Reiki Master/Teacher

Fully insured with Balens

Reiki (for humans & animals) Animal Communicator Applied Zoopharmacognocist Tarot Reader

About Donna

I continue to read and teach tarot ~ this has always been a part of me for over thirty years now. Helping others to understand the truth of who they really are. The long search for answers truly lay within each and every one of us ~ if only we took the time to listen!

What can I gain from the experience?

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of all 78 cards in the deck and how they may relate to the question being asked
  • Learn some hints and tips to find out what the cards mean to you
  • Meet some tarot spreads and learn how they work
  • Gain insight into the numerology of the cards
  • Learn how to ask the right questions
  • Gain confidence in reading the tarot for yourself and others
  • Learn to read tarot using your intuition
  • Identify situations arising from all cards in a spread and how they interact with each other
  • Learn how to prepare, set the scene, run and end a tarot reading
  • Have fun, meet like-minded people, eat yummy food and gain a friend in tarot plus so much more!

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