• From Pain To Purpose

    I am really proud to have taken part in this fabulous book Discover You Purpose The Anthology. 

    The whole purpose of the Anthology was to celebrate a group of spiritual people coming together and finding their way in an often challenging world.

    Within the Anthology, you will find 35 Authors who are also business owners in the psychic, mediumship and healing realms. We have come together through chance some would say, over the course of the past year to discover our true purpose here on earth and it has been an eventful journey for us all. 

    Our Mentor and Facebook Group Facilitator Sam Lyndley intuitively guided us to step out of our comfort zones and use our skills to ours and others' advantage. In a small interactive online scenario, one would not always believe that such a concept would prove successful - and yet it has been so much more than that. 

    As the Group became closer and friendships built forever, Andrea Nicole Smart felt that a unique presence was at work, which inspired her to suggest the Anthology in October 2017. Sam and Andrea presented this opportunity to the Group and the stories came flooding in. 

    A wide range of challenges have been experienced by members of our Group, who have each found various methods of getting through them and utilising the lessons and tools for the common good, as you will see, if you purchase our book. 

    One thing to note, is that not one of the 35 Authors will receive a penny of the proceeds, as every ounce of profit is being donated to our nominated charity, the Mental Health Foundation. We felt this a worthy recipient of our work, especially as we have all experienced some form of mental health issue. 

    You know, mental health is a high focus today, with a great many challenges felt globally. The statistics don't lie and neither does the proof. Pharmaceutical companies are thriving whilst Doctors prescribe numbing prescriptions. Suicide is prevalent amongst young people and high levels of stress and pressure are felt daily because of high prices, lack of affordable accommodation and longer working hours. 

    What stresses are you experiencing right now?

    We may have just the solution, if you are open to reading our book or interacting with our Authors. 

    To buy our book, Click the Book Image to take you straight there. 

    All proceeds of this book priced at £11.11 goes to The Mental Health Foundation not one penny goes to the authors.