Early for me is three in the morning
the witching hour, when all is silent
No noise, the world sleeps, alone, nice
Sound can be serene but also violent.

Alone with the self and the energies
energies that once were and still are
Making connections, intuiting, listening
communicating, loving those near and far

Deep breathing, meditating, channelling
at one with the Universe, so peaceful
Conscious mind chatter sleeps for now
observing the supernatural, graceful

Mother Earth continues, soon daylight
natural sounds break the silence, bird song
Beautiful natural noise joins the bright sun
stillness, joy, sensually nothing wrong

This is what I love about being up early
the best part of every day before chatter
This is where true growth really happens
before verbal conversations and natter

Until tomorrow my friend, tomorrow early
following the energy of today’s full moon
A fresh new day of self, in the moment, now
the full days of Crone years go far too soon.

©Donna Broomham 2021