Energy Of Chakras


Red and root chakra
develops from naught to six
tribal in external content
where family teach all tricks
of survival of loyalty
of things you should know
right to the nitty gritty
where you should and shouldn’t go
orange the Sacral chakra
from six to twelve years
learning  from one on one
the power of determination and fears
to yellow Solar Plexus
develops from twelve to eighteen
this is the “I Can” self esteem
power of individualism is seen
green is the heart chakra
eighteen to twenty five
compassion and forgiveness
keeps this chakra alive
light blue the throat chakra
twenty five to forty years
power of the spoken word
suppressed all those years
Indigo third eye chakra
the power of reality
developed from forty to fifty five
how much more can you now see
violet the crown chakra
the power of intent
from fifty five to seventy
mastery v distraction is spent
energy centres are chakras
need balancing from time to time
especially if we’re out of sorts
we bring them back in line
working through each one
from root through crown
grounding and controlled breathing
we begin to move that frown
be open to your chakras
it helps to keep you well
you will sense the imbalances
as always time will tell.

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