Fill Yourself With Love

Intoxication is silent
it’s creepy and still
Coming in many forms
to try and make you ill
Pretty packaging
enticing you to buy
Encouraging addiction
do you ever ask why?
Where did it all begin?
how did it all start?
It’s very controlling
and can pull you apart
We are taught to say No
taught right from wrong
How difficult is it when
chocolate comes along?
Or may be a little rum
a nice drop of coke
But when you’re diabetic
life becomes a joke
Searching all packaging
knowing what to consume
Enjoyment is out of the window
for sugar there is no room
So many give authority
to doctors for our health
When it’s our responsibility
it helps to have a wealth
of knowledge and commitment
to look after our vessel
Trying to find a way where
you never have to wrestle
No one said it is ever easy
you have to vote with your feet
Don’t go to the chocolate aisle
there’s better stuff to eat

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