Getting Out In Nature


How much time spent indoors
opportunities that go by
of seeing a wonderful animal
or even a butterfly
Made a note to self
to become even more aware
when being out in the open
to realise what’s there
Sending out thoughts
what are you showing today
then patiently I await
for what spirit have to say
I knew of a Power Animal
who came to visit me
as I sat in meditation
next to a wise oak tree
She looked at me not once
not only twice but three
never taken for granted
confirmation I will see
Never when you expect
but intuition told me so
I listened and I looked
with a longing to know
Holding a firm belief
no doubt and no fear
the spirit of the animal
would certainly appear
Relaxed and loving nature
travelling the road
woodlands and trees
a sight to behold
Forgetting for a moment
my longing my desire
then instantly our eyes met
briefly and my heart was a fire
For in among the woodland
spirit my eyes did steer
to behold my Power Animal
not one but three Deer
There in an instant
gone forever from view
now a part of me
for eternity I thank you.


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