5th August 2017

If you are in receipt of one of these with your Christmas card you have been asked to save the date
Donna and Steve are holding a Hand Fasting Ceremony Saturday 5th August 2017
Starting at 3:20pm In Moon Cove,  Avebury, Wiltshire (the field to the right as you look at the Red Lion Pub)
The National Trust Car Park is £7 for the day and after 3pm it is reduced to £4
Many ask is The Hand Fasting Wedding legal – in the eyes of Great Britain’s Law – No!

We wanted to legally marry on the same day – Wiltshire County Registry Office do not
permit weddings with Bride and Groom plus two witnesses to marry on a Saturday!
Avebury Stones I love for many reasons – My Reiki Master initiation was held there on
31.10.2006.  Steve and I planned and ‘Walked The Labyrinth’ 31.10.2016 in Moon Cove

Monday 31.10.2016 at 11.30am (Halloween) we legally married to tie in with 5th August 2017
Had it been permitted we would have married legally the same day.

Idril is the Crone of Avebury and a friend of over ten years – she is an Ordained High Priestess
in the eyes of our old Pagan/Druid Law Idril is permitted to do weddings, funerals and christenings.
Idril also conducted my Reiki Master Initiation back in 2006.

On the reverse of the card names are added of those invited to the reception
if a name hasn’t appeared (mainly children) please don’t take it personally as we are limited with numbers.
Avebury is open to all who wish to attend – it is a public place and members of the public will be present.

The reception is at Hilperton Village Hall, Whaddon Lane, Hilperton, Trowbridge BA14 7RN straight after the ceremony.
There will be a sit down buffet and would ask if you would like to attend please could you R.S.V.P by the 31st January 2017
to 3donnab@gmail.com, via text or Facebook – If you have any dietary needs could you please let us know in advance thank you.
Roger Dee will be the DJ for the evening and the lounge bar to the side of the hall will be used for those who dislike loud music.
An official invitation will follow your save the day card nearer the date.

What do you wear to a hand fasting ceremony?  Whatever you like – some are wearing medieval clothing but if
you feel more comfortable in jeans you wont be judged – remember it’s a field and there will be sheep poo.

All said and done we would love you to take part in how it used to be back in the day – with may be one or two surprise additions.

Blessed Be

Donna & Steve xXx

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