Computers, data, digits, binary codes,
Universe, Galaxies, black holes, planets, nodes.
The written word, the photograph, texts, face call,
Solstice, Equinox, winter, spring, summer, fall.

Vlogger, blogger, influencer, mentor, entrepreneur,
Mother Earth, nature, plants, trees, feathers, fur.
Big brother, algorithms, notifications, locations, fixation,
Freedom, beauty, Fresh air, space, stillness, creation.

Government, Globalists, right wing, left wing, red, blue,
Family, friend, colleague, neighbour, me, you.
Negativity, low energy, ill feeling, ill health, depression,
Aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, well-being, inspiration.

Power crazy, control, lies, greed, suffering, 3D,
Limitlessness, love, truth, support, 5D.
A merry-go-round, force for evil, confusion, fear,
Belief, relief, hope, mindfulness, healing, I shed a tear.

©Donna Broomham 2021