Indi B

From puppy to adult I will grow
learning and gaining as I go
Places to visit people to see
a very excitable Indi B
Now a mere fourteen weeks old
I’ve grow in height and really bold
Some days I have a tight routine
generally I’m quite a cutie queen
Paddy’s I have people don’t see
to get a reaction to notice me
I know I could be spoilt to the core
don’t want a bad dog that’s for sure
So in my den for my own good
though I’d still escape if I could
Always occupied no time lost
here I am in the services at Aust
Enjoying trucking being on the road
give me a chance I’m a little toad
Now and then at the window I peep
but mostly exhausted so have to sleep
So much more for me to do
as I grow up you can follow me too
Now to rest, time out for me
your ever loyal Indi B

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