It Is Said That Moving Home Is Stressful

It is said that moving home is stressful
Supposed to be in the top two
This time I learned it’s only stressful
If it is entirely allowed by you
Okay I admit it can be tiring
Lifting, painting, cleaning and stuff
Then there are many thoughts
Where you say ‘enough is enough’
When you push beyond your limit
You feel you just want to flop
Isn’t it my responsibility
When I get there just to stop
Many thoughts of giving up
With the odd ‘I can’t go on’
Negative thoughts they creep in
Banish with positivity they’re gone
The enjoyment of new beginnings
Of what Great Spirit has in store
All part of life’s plan
Of this I know I’m sure
When all things fall into place
Because I have learned to trust
The Universe follows through
Universal law is a must
How else am I encouraged
If not rewarded in truth
It is a real damn shame
I didn’t trust more in my youth.


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