Laying in bed can’t sleep,
eyes closed want to weep.
Racing mind fast, slow,
why no sleep? I want to know.
What about the life of Milarepa?
You haven’t read it etc, etc!
The reply was loud and clear.
Sleep time, didn’t want to hear.
You asked the question of us,
replied instantaneously, no fuss.
Fuzzy thoughts, racing mind,
recalling images all I can find.
Memories of earlier moments,
words, translated comments.
The last few days meld into one,
Milarepa reading almost done.
Confirmation of the journey now,
no need to ask why, where or how.
It just is, simple, clear and rational,
of life, love in the moment vibrational.
Science, metaphysics, chemistry, brain.
Pineal gland, limbic stimulation again.
A mind of free biases and wrong views,
frees you up to love, only if you choose.
Journeying in the moment you see,
a lesson, in the early hours for me.
Confirmation comes time after time,
stepping stones in the moment of mine.

©Donna Broomham 2021