Live Life To The Fullest

Do you ever have those days
where you dig in your heels
The I will do what I want
as no one knows how it feels
Do this don’t do that
ooh it drove me barmy
Then I’d often be told
you wouldn’t make it in the army
Always doing the opposite
of being asked what to do
Used to get me in trouble
avoidance, I got away with a few
Terrible twos and troubled teens
labelled all life long
Until I reached fifty and said
what the hell is going on?
I look back at parenting
parents of parents and such
Learning patterns in life
do they amount to much?
I know it shapes us
and makes us who we are
Affecting thoughts and feelings
is an under estimation by far
But as we become grown and adult
we have choices just the same
When things aren’t working out
there’s no one now to blame
Time to take responsibility
of words and actions we take
Live life to the fullest
be happy for goodness sake!

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