• Work Life Balance

    How often do we have to stop and put life back into perspective? Why do we have to wait to witness or hear of a tragedy to realise there is more to life than we each allow ourselves to believe. Learnt behaviours through the ages, etiquette or manners or not! As I grow in moon cycles the more I see, witness and hear. The struggles of individuals, families, countries. How often do we hear "what is the world coming too?"

    Time and time again pressures are placed on people. When are you going to get a job? When are you going to find yourself somewhere to live? When are you going to start a family? When are you going to grow up? What's for tea? when are we going shopping? What do you want for Christmas? How much money do we have? Why doesn't our wages match the cost of living? Why is it when millionaires start to buy properties in a specific area, does it push the prices up in and around those properties; making them unaffordable for locals to buy them? So many questions! Too many.

    You rarely hear "When are you going to start loving yourself?" didn't the Beatles sing "All you need is love"? You have heard of 'love makes the world go around' and at the end of the day it is all down to personal choice.

    Mind health is so important now more than ever. How often today do we spend outside? I am guilty of spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Did you know constantly looking at the screen you don't blink as often as you would if you weren't doing it (did that make sense?). No wonder my eyes are often dry!

    Today I am supporting a dear warrior sister whose son is in hospital and has been there since the beginning of September. We are going to Avebury to feel grounded and connected. Away from the normal everyday life stuff, acting on purpose to clear the mind and create a space. To breath in the fresh air, recharge our batteries and feel into the season that is moving into Winter. Be as the trees dropping and shedding the outer layers that are no longer needed in this season. Focusing now on the food from the earth to build stronger roots as we grow; so when Spring comes we can withstand all that comes our way and once again clothe oursevles in the beauty of the colours of the seasons to follow.

    Take sometime out for yourself today - even if it is just ten minutes, go outside and admire some of what Mother Nature has to offer. Today is overcast and it can be as miserable as YOU make it but I can see the Sun shining on the other side and it is a glorious day!