Nan Would Say

2014-09-12 18.52.19

Never Forget You’re Welsh

Nan used to say ‘the early bird catches the worm’
well that’s okay if you’re a bird so what does it mean?
Nan said if you get up early more things get done
and there’s no one in the way when you clean
Ah…  those were the days, I don’t refer to cleaning
when you could leave your back door open wide
or go for long walks in the park on your own
and enjoy the freedom of the countryside
Nan woulds say ‘there’s nothing in the dark
that would never hurt you in the day light’
the only thing to fear is fear itself it disables
to this day I have never had fear of the night
So as our days go by and November comes
never will I ever forget from birth
my wonderful and insightful intuitive Nan
whose feet have side stepped the earth

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