New Beginnings

The Fool and Aces of the Tarot
January the first of the year
Life Cycles, Medicine Wheel
Confidence or Fear?
New years resolutions
Behavior patterns to change
Learning and growing
What’s within range?
Positive and negative attitudes
White is black and black is white
Moving and stagnating
Do we give in or do we fight?
Strengths and weaknesses
Timid and bold
Belief and disbelief
What are you told?
What’s within is without
What’s without is within
This food or that food
Fat verses thin
A mind as heavy as lead
Can be shifted for sure
Just say to yourself
Not this way,No More!
New beginnings the Ace
I am The Fool
January first
Is usually the rule
On the Medicine Wheel
On a new life cycle I am
Battling fear with confidence
No resolution no glam’
Behavior patterns will change
I will learn I will grow
Positive fighting negative
A challenge, I know
Black will be white
Keep moving I will
I am not giving in
Strength the new thrill
Be bold I tell myself
I am the best I can be
If food is knowledge
Then obese that’s me
No more mental heaviness
Within myself is pride
Nature is the missing link
I will spend more time outside

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