Numerology And Tarot

There’s a numerological union
within every tarot card
Including the Major Arcana
and remembering can be hard
The Journey begins with one
and will end with number nine
You could have a full reading
just one card would be fine
Remember with two digit numbers
you need to add them together
Even the number ten
no need to be clever
One and zero equals one
that’s all nothing more
Just as adding all Aces
equates to numerical four
New beginnings or early stages
starts with number one
Two is about balance or reunion
a time of waiting has begun
Achievement of goals is three
but often there’s delay
Multiples of these could mean
success is on it’s way
Organisation and planning
structure is our four
A result of a sturdy foundation
multiples indicate fruition for sure
Fives come and rock the boat
multiples call for a change
With loss, conflict and instability
it’s balance you’ll need to sustain
Six is about communication
problem-solving, domesticity, care
A call for thought adjustments
if more than one six is there
Seven calls for reflection, faith
faith in what can’t be seen
Many calls for solitude
perhaps a meditation regime
Eight wants us to get moving
where the power comes from within
Many indicates a positive mind change
finishing what we begin
Nine brings things to fruition
multiples nearing completion or done
Tens are as I have said before
reduced to numerical one
As we have lightly touched numbers
numerology and tarot in the main
We start with numerical number one
and the cycle starts again.

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