We all have beautiful auras, of which many of you can see.
The energy fields that surrounds us, original to you and me.
Energetic boundaries, private space, call it what you will.
You can tell when touched, even with eyes closed and still.
Generally an unwritten rule of how close you can go.
Permission granted for hugs and kisses of those you know.
So why then is it difficult for some, to accept a given “No”.
Extending your personal boundary to a place you will not go.
Many a quote and saying, express issues of this kind.
A polite way of saying out loud “really, honestly, I mind”!
So many expectations, so little creativity to express.
Gone so often and lost through constantly saying “Yes”.
Many understand your boundaries through love and respect.
Try saying “No” to a few and notice who you affect.
The shock and the horror from the sentence… No!
Taken personally as a rejection, how dare you say so.
Too busy in self absorption to see another’s point of view.
No thought around what you may be going through.
Neither should you have to explain or give reason at all.
A simple NO is enough, it’s your time, it’s your call.
Wisdom and wise words, seriously go a long, long way.
Next time you have that gut feeling, what are you going to say?

©Donna Broomham 2021