• How often is there silence and many naturally feel the need to fill it with noise? Very often in the stillness you can hear from within the whispers of long ago, wanting to be reborn in a different and more profound way. Have you ever had the feeling that you are here for a reason and you don't seem to know what your purpose is? This has been me all my life up until the end of 2017. I took time out, I became silent and I listened. For the first time ever I haven't rushed, was I impatient? Hell yeah! This was a big learning curve for me because building a foundation is the biggest and most important thing to do.
    You know all the digging, laying of pipes, making sure everything connects with everything else before the concrete floor is laid. It takes time and commitment. No one sees this part but what it does, it shows you're in it for the long hall and not just a season.

    Where are you being called to take time out and go within and listen?