Social Media

Social Media Image

Drive traffic this way
Like, Share and Comment
Pin and Blog as they say
Positive Quotes, Videos
Picture posts that sway
Tweet, Publish, Copy, Paste
Educate, Google+, Play
Buzzfeed, Data, Growth
Analytics for you to display
Pinterest, Facebook,Tumblr
A never ending array
Instagram, Flickr, Linkdin
MySpace back in the day
Is making a come back
Did it ever go away?
Where do I start . . .
Everything is grey
If you spread yourself
Quality is lead astray
YouTube how to begin
Opinions come from they
who have preferences
and promote come what may
It’s all in the analysis
Is it this you obey?
For here you see the traffic
Of what you did convey
Stick with what works
Don’t be filled with dismay
Get on be creative
Meet Social Media halfway.

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