Tarot has become a long standing friend of mine for over thirty years. They speak to me regularly as any friend would. My first psychic experience was at the age of seven when I had a dream that my Grampy’s greenhouse had blown down. I learnt that this happened the night he died, the night I had the dream. Fifty one years ago this year, 30/12/2021!

Tarot has been around for more than 35,000 years and started with just the Major Arcana (The named cards) followed by the Minor Arcana (The numbered cards and court cards). The Majors are all about how fate is playing out in our lives at the time of the reading – we ourselves are more in control of what is playing out in the Minors. They work with me intuitively on a psychic level and more often than not so do the essence and energies of those gone before us when readings are given.

The majority of readings done throughout the years have come about by word of mouth. We all work differently and it is my choice to refuse readings should anyone have already had a reading within three months, unless it was a bad experience. I sit for half an hour before every reading. When you arrive the reading will be forty five minutes to an hour and the current fee is £50.00. You must be 18 and over for a reading to take place.

Legislation requires I must state all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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