Thank You Owl


How in the night Owl came to me
driving in a lane I could barely see
Thought it was a cat colour of white
I slowed and it gracefully took to flight
mezmerising and provoking in thought
What message has this creature brought
the night passed the next day too
Curiosity of its appearance grew
more so than ever back in my car
Stuck in traffic my mind went far
wandering thoughts eyes on the prowl
The awakening registration ending in OWL
the next week I became infatuated
As the sightings of Owl saturated
facebook, twitter, Avon, Yahoo
Little Owl Campsite, I need a clue
Two Hoots Cafe at Devils Bridge
with many carved owls at its ridge
I sensed my mind beginning so shift
as an Owl bath sponge came as a gift
Now an invitation has come my way
at The Owl in Bromham a charity day
What a journey deserving of a mention
how Owl persisted to capture my attention
The relevance I found during this week
from Ted Andrew’s Book ‘Animal Speak’
Never shall I think to throw in the towel
After a fabulous message ‘thank you Owl’

Click on Owl to learn how Owl spoke to Nadine Marie

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