Thank You


When I open my eyes first thing
I try to remember to say thank you
because I get to live another day
that so many people fail to
So much drudgery and gloom
ungratefulness in an unseen world
closed in tunnel visions
with a mind yet to be unfurled
my Nan used to say sometimes
“You can’t see further than your nose”
I understand now I didn’t
I was short sighted as the saying goes
Never noticing any thing much
yet there was so much to see
being in my own little bubble
not caring about anyone but me
As time creeps on in years
the wrinkles arrive “Yeah I’m Mature”
and I grow nearer to the blue road
I take life for granted no more
Always believing our souls live on
in Mother Earth’s other dimension
still as busy as they ever were
occasionally grabbing my attention
Call your spirit back to yourself
live in the present tense
the past is gone forever
you know it makes logical sense
if I looked back I’d fall over
because I wasn’t aware of how
to conserve life force for me
by living in the here and now
As the divine that is within me
so is the divine without
making us all individual yet as one
that’s something to be thankful about

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