The Major Arcana

It may be easier to remember the cards
if you liken them to a story
Some people learn by speaking verses
like the stimulating’Jackanory’
The Major Arcana tells a tale
about the Fool’s lessons in life
As he travels the roller coaster
emotions and feelings are rife
The Fool starts his journey
he is innocent and pure
Like a new born child of the earth
he is well protected for sure
With no idea of the danger he’ll face
but his innocence carries him through
Each card has it’s influences
here is what they do
Zero is the Fool at the beginning
Followed by the One influential
the Magician the teacher
Who shows of his potential
Two is the High Priestess
the mystery of spirit fruition
She is introduced to the Fool
by becoming our intuition
Three the Empress
what does she represent?
Creativity, fertility and nature
all that is content
Four sees the Emperor
full of structure, power and control
Preparing the Fool in advance
all characters of his role
This includes the Heirophant
numerically number five
Brings religious structure
and spiritual guidance alive
The Fools mortal experiences
starts with the Lovers card six
Lessons in love and of self
not the easiest one to fix
Along trots seven the Chariot
with conflict and decision
A possibility of travel
more than he can envision
Eight brings Strength
needed to put up a fight
For the problems life brings
and ability to put it right
In comes nine the Hermit
all wisdom and aloof
Showing a life of solitude
in searching for the truth
Card eleven Justice
is mortal lesson number three
About making fair judgement
and able to consider facts must he
Temperance the last mortal lesson
numerical card fourteen
The Fool learns inner emotional balance
before the underworld is seen
His descent into Hades world
starts with number ten
The Wheel of Furtune is the card
a change of luck as it turns again
Twelve the Hanged Man
when truely understood
Sacrifices parts of himself
knowingly for the greater good
Death a misunderstood card
numbered with thirteen
Seen as an ending or a change
a metaphorical death is seen
Still in the underworld
jumping to fifteen the Devil
About hell and suffering we create
Its with ourselves we have to level
The final lesson in Hades
is the Tower card sixteen
Where the rug is pulled beneath our feet
where only destruction can be seen
The Fools transendence of mortality
begins with seventeen the Star
It is the gift of our own destiny
the biggest and best gift by far
Followed by eighteen the Moon
learning of illusion or what we don’t see
Then nineteen the Sun
bringing brightness, joy and prosperity
Card twenty is Judgement
paying off our debts for a new start
Finally twenty one the World
the Fool’s journey completed every part
Ready to start over again
with greater knowledge anew
Understanding the Major Arcana
the key to a better you.


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