Then There Were Just Three




Getting out in the countryside
a favourite past-time of mine
Breathing in the air so fresh
where all wonders combine
The wildlife and the sky
yes the forty shades of green
Peace and quiet, stillness
the beauty not just evergreen
Shadows of wise old trees
once crowned, adorned in flower
Lost the gift of life
in one final autumn shower
None of this is visible
if you choose not to see
Working our allotment
gives the excuse for him and me
To be at one with The One
to share the ground we walk
Never in a million years
did I think they’d talk the talk
Don’t plant this don’t grow that
no valuables kept in the shed
“You’ve got to be trusting in nature”
a family member once said
Seeds planted and young plants in
then water and water some more
As the Sun in all it’s glory
encouraged life from the soil floor
Watching in awe and wonder
of every growth from seeds
Not forgetting the little sods
yep them bloody weeds
Tough little buggers but still
it’s a part of the Universe
That wasn’t all there was
we later came to curse
Twelve statues of sweetcorn
with just weeks until they ripe
Reduced to just six
trampled evidence in sight
Pictures taken with surprise
some humour it crept in
You had to laugh or cry
the laughter it did win
For who or what paid a visit
munching the cobs with hairs
Put me in in mind of
Goldilocks and the three Bears
We trust the six we’d see again
too trusting that’s for sure
Then there were just three
cheeky beggers were back for more
Ta ta for now sweetcorn
we will try again next year
Fort Knox surrounded baby ears
“You listening Badger? Deer?”
We really dont mind sharing
will the silent thief of the night
All we ever expected were rabbits
slugs, pigeons or even spider mite
Lessons learned with mistakes made
with back breaking digging taboot
Never in a million years we’d have guessed
having an allotment would be a hoot!

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