Time To Die

A topic spoken less of
through fear of goodbye
No less important is it
to speak of when we die
It’s undeiably sad
to lose ones we love
You may think its morbid
the words I now speak of
Our soul has a purpose
of lessons in life to learn
To reach its highest levels
there is much for us to earn
Souls incarnate to life
a life we previously chose
Even the body we inhabit
from our head to our toes
Why would someone choose
to not touch the earth?
Miscarriages and stillborns
death before birth
Why chose to have cancer?
or live life in a wheelchair
The soul is progressing
through all it has to bare
Young bodies may have old souls
why should we take note?
The soul has learned all lessons
and finally wore it’s last coat
No more touching the earth
soul suffering is no more
We stay with the universe
to guide loved ones we adore
May be you have other ideas
that you follow to the letter
I have always believed
we progress to something better

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