To Return As A Spirit Guide

Sitting for development
a commitment is required
If ill or on holiday
this wont get you fired
our appointment is with spirit
both sides eager to meld
to evidence life after
with integrity upheld
no space for scoffers
poo pooing what we do
for the good of all
and harm to none is true
each with something to offer
we come together as one
energy and enlightenment
in seriousness we have fun
left brain activity is busy
the right brain wants more
to dig deep into the unconscious
like searching in a bottom drawer
you know it’s in there somewhere
it just has to be found
lost in the depths of history
for science to confound
Spirit have been patient
still working all those years
in stillness and quietness
of rooms the circle fills
evolution is what it does
moving and developing more
inquisitive minds are active
truth is what’s searched for
it’s no longer fearing death less
or just a needing to know
it is having the knowing and belief
to help each soul grow
as people we lived along side spirit
we blew it and lost trust
the visible became unseen
the reunion is a must
this could be witnessed
in the Native American race
all things living
in one sacred space
they looked to their ancestors
the trees and even rock
for guidance and inspiration
a reply would never shock
they were a proud nation
nothing did they hide
one so true to the blue road
to return as a spirit guide


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