• Many times I have been in conversations where dear friends have said "who would have thought, if we thought this time next year we would be doing this ~ would we have believed it?" At that very moment no, even though I am an optimist and should have said yes. Truthfully I had no idea. Many who know me would say "you never know what she is going to do next" my uncle Doug would always say "our Donna has always got a smile on her face!"

    The only way I can describe myself is with this picture ~ Steve and I dated in secondary school and he will tell everyone "she dumped me twice, because her Mum liked me!" Just a tad rebellious but hey! We both went on to have 30 year relationships and learn some unforgettable life lessons. Eventually in 2009 we ended up back together. Why this picture? Avebury is a beautiful sacred space where I always feel connected. Coming together in the way our ancestors did with a handfasting ceremony outside and in amongst the stones, priceless.

    The importance of respecting nature and all that is, even the unseen has grown as I have over the years. I haven't made it common knowledge, that I have always desired to step into the woman I know I am. A woman with a purpose and a strong connection to our ancestors, who I trust and listen to. Who undeniably teach me lessons and pass on through me loving words to comfort others. It is time now for the novice priestess to become High Priestess, to be blessed on 31st October this year just before the walk of the labyrinth.

    It is an amazing time when you realise you have arrived, when you know that you know, that you know! Yet life doesn't stop and lessons never end, they just become more exciting. I started a business this year the Women of Purpose Foundation and it's being launched this Saturday 29th September. It's my desire to encourage women who feel they can't, to believe they can! They can do anything they set their mind to. How better to learn from someone who has been there ~ if you are reading this and you have a business idea or are in a business that's going nowhere, come and be a Woman of Purpose!

    We need experiences to grow and I show this through my writing. My comfort zone is in poetry, but why stay there... let's get out of that zone. I have and am close to finishing my first ever book "Conscience Writes" my life experiences shared, coming soon!