• Wake Up With A Thank You

    Wake up with a thank you, for you know you are alive. Live for just today, see how much you thrive.
    Try to be of service, forget about the self. No worries, anxiety or aggression, leave them on the shelf.
    When you get to the afternoon, look back and see; Who became better off today? because a smile came from me.
    No one said life is easy, sometimes you have to change course. Know you're never alone, you belong to part of the Source.
    This could be 'Great Mystery', 'God, Buddha or even Shakti'. The 'Source' is within you, as much as it is me.
    So wake up and say 'Thank you', know that you're great. Be blessed and bless another, Change can never be too late.

  • To Learn Is To Grow

    Lives are always changing, never staying the same. Wisdom comes from learning, life's ever fluorescent game.
    We have walked enough paths, including enough dead ends. To truly know the woods, understanding all it's trends.
    In every discovery we have, a rediscovery  again and again. Knowing and understanding, similarities never remain.
    Remember to live is to grow, maybe from the small voice inside. Or a leaf, a stone, a cloud, a tree, could be a book or Spirit Guide.
    To live is to grow, when growing is from acceptance. of all life forms as teachers, Whatever your deity preference.
    Time to delete old ideas, to make room for the new. The willingness to learn, that's always part of you.

  • I Love To Empower

    They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds ~ Mexican Proverb

    My passion is empowering women. I love watching their confidence grow and it warms my heart when I witness them emerging as butterflies; out of their comfort zones. Being heard and having clarity about who they truly are and what they are here to do. You could come to me with an ancient rose bush or a miniature rose that is feeling lost and dry. It wouldn't take me long to nurture these once beautiful roses back to being vibrant; smelling phenomenal and thoroughly rooted to withstand anything that gets thrown at them. If you are either of those roses I would love to meet you and invite you to join like minded women. Women of purpose.

  • I Love To Encourage

    I have always been intuitive and it's part of my make up to encourage others to use it. I have read tarot cards and worked alongside spirit for many years. I have been known to have a table at psychic fayres and pamper evenings. When people book readings with me they generally get a mini lesson in how the cards work too. I will never deny this is part of me. It has been a huge part of my life for many years.
    I will always be connected to the essence that is the Universe and my cards and I are the greatest of friends. I have been feeling a huge shift in myself and now know I am not the only one ~ What I do know is that I am here to support, encourage and empower women like myself; to leave the old patterns and stories behind. To enable women to heal and move forwards into their potential.

    How do I do it? I provide a space for women to learn as I teach, even if it is getting them out of their comfort zones. My life skills come from a long line of working with different types of people. Working with Homelessness, Women's Refuges, in accounts offices to name a few and I started work part-time at the age of thirteen in a supermarket ~ Have I got stamina? I walked the Sahara for the National Asthma Campaign in 2001 at 24 stone. Am I qualified? I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at the age of twenty, fostered children because I couldn't have any. Married twice. Dedicated end of life to my ex mother-in-law who was in her latter years diagnosed with paranoid psychosis and helped family care for my beloved nan who was diagnosed with dementia then passed twenty years later with alzheimers.

  • I Love To Learn

    Learning myself has made me who I am today. My mother was strict and although I wasn't happy to be told off in my youth and be penned in by what my dad would call a broody hen. My childhood has also made me who I am today. I can keep reliving the dislikes or complain and blame until I die; but where would that get me? I have a purpose and so do you!
    By learning, I am able to share and oh my! have I collected certificates; not so I can brag and I can still hear the echos of "what is she going to do next?"
    Having watched interviews on YouTube of Dr Maya Angelou and Dr Wayne Dyer; also read some of their books. I realised even more the importance of each moment of every day should be filled with joy ~ joy can't come if you're not speaking your truth, if you're stuck in the old ways. Come on rise up! Be true to yourself, lets do this as one and inspire each other; as always the change begins with you!