What Is The World Coming To?



Once upon a time a story would begin, with a beginning a middle and an end
Sat cross legged on a carpet, laying in bed, stood in a playground with a friend

Tales of woe, poetry galore, limericks, sonnets, word play of delusion or grandeur
Messages in fiction or non, worded education in song caught the ear for sure

Information soaked in like a sponge, seeps in whether aware, oblivious or not
Negativity, positivity, Anger, Happiness, Sadness, euphoric, singularly or the lot

Influencing social media, adverts on TV, colour coded supermarkets¬†it’s true
Choices, choices, chocolate or boiled sweets, pure or processed, what do you do?

Images, icons, films, advertisements, cartoons, Animations a feast for the eyes
Deep into the subconscious subliminal notifications slide, there’s a surprise

Controlling your thoughts, beliefs and actions, playing with your will, agree?
Unless you have your wits about you, you get drawn in and I am including me

We all have moments of weakness, we all have days when we are stronger
Why do we feel loss of control, loss of freedom and are Great Britain no longer

Points of view, political correctness, cultural differences call it what you will
Mark a cross on the paper, show your involvement makes no difference still

Ruler, dictator, sovereign, priminister, commonwealth, Europe, play the marter
What happens to ‘our’ roots now, why no mention of the very ‘Magna Carta’?

We forget the basic laws of life and lost our way, ignoring the law of the land
Starting with the Sabbath day, resting from labour, gone by popular demand

Spiraling, spinning, out of control, Mother Earth every day is considered less
What is the World coming to? it’s a nightmare, a headache, a total bloody mess!

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