• Writing

    How many times have you been told to journal
    How often do you write
    Channeling writing is amazing
    Words inscribed in a book, priceless
    Seasonal thoughts are very helpful
    Writing your dreams are useful
    Wake up with an amazing idea? Write it down

  • What's Within?

    Can you be inspired, do you have room to grow?
    Are you prepared for change, will you finally let go?

    Of all life's conditioning, from conception to birth
    All we have allowed in, what is it all worth?

    Are we really human, with spirit interference?
    Or are we really spirit, having a human experience?

    As we think so we become, shouldn't fill you with dread
    It should inspire thoughts, to be positive instead

    What comes out of us, is what we've let in
    Anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, worry all wearing thin

    Metaphorically hold an orange, you may think what's the use?
    If you squeeze real hard, out comes orange juice!

    The point is so simple, it's all you need to know
    All that's within, is all you let go

    Learn from experiences, forgive and move on
    Look at what's within, Is there work to be done?

    Donna B