• Details

    Before glasses
    Before Salt and Pepper hair colour
    Before the many laughter lines
    Before sagging skin
    Before weight loss
    Before wisdom
    Before understanding
    Before knowing
    Before second Marriage
    Before acceptance
    Before feeling loved
    Before I felt beautiful
    Before I became a phenomenal Woman
    Before I became a woman of Purpose

  • Emotion Can Be A Silent Creeper


    When we love there's no hardship
    when we struggle we put up a fight
    it's crazy when we realise
    how frustration makes us uptight
    We wear our shoulders in our ears
    our teeth clenched with closed lips
    muscles and joints begin to ache
    as our peaked will power dips
    Emotion can be a silent creeper
    affected randomly and unaware
    doldrums follow depression comes
    alternatively aggression with flare
    Why is there a need to control
    never the intention from above
    spiritual harmony, compassion, grace
    is it too much effort to love
    If you are an unhappy soul
    life always makes you frown
    try getting a sense of humour
    or turn your head upside down
    Be honest who really cares
    if you are suffering and in pain
    it is the spirit within us
    that wants life back again
    For those who like to control
    take a few minutes and look within
    how does the biblical saying go?
    'Let he cast the first stone, who is without sin'

    Donna B