Waking up at the witching hour is so peaceful, you can take the time to meditate or just be, today it’s a writing session!

What am I going to write about honestly at this moment and time I don’t know, but that’s okay isn’t it?

If I just breath a moment and connect with the powers that be, words will just flow. . . here goes. . .

It concerns me that many focus too much on media, news, adverts, other people on social media platforms. The mind is a powerful essence of ourselves. It plays pictures, it throws in the odd sentence or two, it’s very clever at replaying video’s of old or recent stories. If allowed this type of freedom it can rule and ruin your day, week month even relationships.

Many are struggling with mind health – too many! There are businesses in their masses and therapies that provide support. Nature is in abundance and it’s free. Consumed by media and getting lost in the opinion of another when truthfully our own thoughts, when they are our own conscious in charge thoughts are valid. You know the ones that say “I can do this” and you take charge and ignore the negative thought that follows “don’t be silly, who do you think you are?”

“I can go for a walk even to the end of the garden path and back. While I walk I will look at how beautiful the flowers, trees, insects even the grey clouds are.” The sense of achievement that follows what has been over come is amazing – try it go on I dare you (for those who react to reversed psychology) I shouldn’t bother! Aren’t we complex creatures. . .

Global warming, climate change so much scare mongering – Love the Planet, Mother Earth, each other and yourself the most important of all – you are worth it! No it’s not about the hairspray. . . value yourself.

Be the amazing person you were born to be.

Inanna xx