Never giving up, always smelling the flowers, love my husband Steve, sister Kelly, many friends and fur baby Indi B ~ Most of all I love being Just Donna

So being me is about creating, walking in the countryside or along the sea shore, writing, travelling with my man, playing with my jack-russell, spending precious time with friends and practice daily being an example in the world. Learning always from those who are real ~ in the moment. I chose to be here right now ~ in gratitude and in awe for this wonderful earth we have, enjoying the seasons as they come and go.

April 2nd 2021 I was admitted to The Royal United Hospital in Bath ~ long story short I was told I’d had a heart attack! Couldn’t believe it at first ~ two stents fitted and eight weeks rehabilitation at home life is certainly different. I would say my body has to work in a different way now as it will take a year for the stents to embed. Three months later (yesterday 2nd July 2021) I am still not used to the medication that’s slowing everything down and I am being told that the good the medication does far outweigh the side effects, hmmm! So. . .

I recently became an Independent Thermomix Advisor currently based in Trowbridge. The Thermomix over the last two years has given me great confidence in the kitchen, so much so I am excited to be sharing everything about it.
Back in 1999 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and now the heart issue I have had to knuckle down and understand what foods are harmful, mainly sugar! This way of preparing food allows me to know the ingredients I have in my meals and I also have the choice of whether I add sugar to my food (or sugar replacement).
I am currently building a Facebook page where I will be sharing recipes and tips.
If you want to know more or request a Cooking Experience or Demonstration contact me 07725989778 Advisor number: 255617

Header Image by John Hain from Pixabay