In the blink of an eye here I am
growing in a confined space.
Cellular connections magnificent
being part of the human race.
Encompassed in the matrix of life
DNA of long ago relevant today.
I am protected, I am warm, I am fed
the size of a sweet pea, no way!
Isn’t it all so amazing to be created
into a beautiful human form.
Born into your chosen family
where babies are the norm.
Happiness, excitement, overwhelmed
frightened, unsure, so sad.
Arguments, unhappiness, outcast
so many feelings to be had.
Carrying new life to the registrar
just eight weeks, what’s wrong?
Conceived out of wedlock
very much frowned upon.
When dad disowns his daughter
the pain is so intense.
Her life, her love, her hero
none of it makes sense.
Doesn’t love conquer all?
what’s this about, saving face?
Thoughts and respect from others
bringing shame and disgrace!
A joyous occasion made unpleasant
deprived of weeks of glee.
Just because they weren’t married
the day that they made me.
Times have changed, we all move on
months it took to heal.
Back in the day of years gone by
to them it was very real.
The energies and patterns of matrix
in June of sixty two were planted.
I know of them, I was there
I take nothing now for granted.

©Donna Broomham 2021