To love and be loved unconditionally is really powerful.
The Collins dictionary explains the word unconditional in this way. . .
If you describe something as unconditional, you mean that the person doing or giving it does not require anything to be done by other people in exchange.
Loving yourself isn’t that unconditional? You would be forever in debt to yourself if you didn’t, surely? Something to peruse over.
I have been a giver all my life never wanting anything in return or have I? When I challenge myself the giver in me is about helping and supporting others – if I dig a bit I am thinking at this time of writing, perhaps I did want something in return ‘respect’ mmmm? It’s when you don’t get it you realise that was something you wanted.
I have given material possessions, did I want something in return? Perhaps a thank you.
I have a big heart and I love to love (Tina Charles singing in my head now!). What I desire in return is to be loved back.
I realise today having gone through many ups and downs in my life time (I am 56 years old) that I can love unconditionally without anything to be done by other people in exchange.
Why? The reason being is because I am comfortable with who I am and I care enough to love me for me. In doing this it releases the old expectations. If you don’t expect then you can’t be let down, you wont be hurt.

I came across one of Lao Tzu’s quotes last week. . .
“If you care what people say about you, you will always be their prisoner”
I made a choice that day that I would never be a prisoner!

©Donna Broomham 2021