How many hours sleep do we need not to feel tired when we wake up?
I generally manage on six if it’s uninterrupted. Today I awoke to hecking from my five year old Jack Russell bringing up clear foam. This is something that happens form time to time. It was one thirty – when she settled I managed another hour until it all began again.
This time at two thirty I got up to be with her to keep her calm and settle her. Now I am awake and she sleeps. Ever have those days?
Your eyes become dry, your body doesn’t want to hold itself up and the chimp in your head starts to have a field day.
Well I decided to give my chimp known as Harry something to do – we got going on the website, updating it. Is Harry happy? No!! I’m in charge today as tired as I am.
Going back to bed at five thirty, setting the alarm at seven because someone is coming to cover the heating pipes in the loft at eight!
How did I manage a Face-time conversation with lovely friend and a mobile conversation with my man – eat two apricots, two pork pies and a small bag of roasted cashews (because it was easy) followed by a cup of tea (the third today) and it’s just after 10am!
What a fabulous start to the day x

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