Why Sacred Space? If you are here you are in the moment.; the exact place you are meant to be. So while you are here I would like to tell you a bit about me. You may have gathered my name is Donna and I am a Spiritual Mentor and a naturally born teacher and leader. I absolutely love my business as an independent Tropic Ambassador too.
Over the years I have silently encouraged and empowered, sometimes without realising; babies through to mature adults. I absolutely love seeing peoples faces when they come to realise their capabilities and that I have helped to make a difference in whatever direction they have chosen to go.
Providing a ‘Space’ in this day and age is so important and is ‘Sacred.’ I wholeheartedly believe in making a place available for people to learn and grow. Where every individual soul can be themselves and feel safe.
I am a teacher of life skills, tarot, mediumship and more. I encourage intuition and the development of psychic abilities.

My favourite past-times are to be creative in many ways but being creative with the computer is the most challenging and at the same time rewarding.
I have created a business foundation an inspiring place where you can spend more time with like minded people, called the Women of Purpose Foundation. Bringing light workers in business together, to be guided, supported and to be who they’re here to be – themselves!

Donna xx

Trained High Priestess
Available for all rites of passage
Naming, Handfasting & Funerals