Never giving up, always smelling the flowers, love my husband Steve, sister Kelly, many friends and fur baby Indi B ~ Most of all I love being Just Donna

So being me is about creating, walking in the countryside or along the sea shore, writing, travelling with my man, playing with my jack-russell, spending precious time with friends and practice daily being an example in the world. Learning always from those who are real ~ in the moment. I chose to be here right now ~ in gratitude and in awe for this wonderful earth we have, enjoying the seasons as they come and go.

April 2nd 2021 I was admitted to The Royal United Hospital in Bath ~ long story short I was told I’d had a heart attack! Couldn’t believe it at first ~ two stents fitted and eight weeks rehabilitation at home life is certainly different. I would say my body has to work in a different way now as it will take a year for the stents to embed. Three months later (yesterday 2nd July 2021) I am still not used to the medication that’s slowing everything down and I am being told that the good the medication does far outweigh the side effects, hmmm!

July 15th back into hospital with appendicitis and sepsis ~ my appendix has grown behind the colon. This made it complicated for the consultant to remove it. Plus being on blood thinners didn’t help. Apparently in Scandinavia they don’t remove them, they’ve done a five year study whereby people with acute appendicitis are given strong antibiotics and nil by mouth whilst in hospital. So suffice to say I still have the appendix ~ August 26th 2021 I was informed I have gallstones too!

Back in 1999 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and now the heart and other issues I have had to knuckle down and understand what foods are harmful, mainly sugar now dairy!

I continue to read and teach tarot ~ this has always been a part of me for over thirty years now. Helping others to understand the truth of who they really are. The long search for answers truly lay within each and every one of us ~ if only we took the time to listen!

Header Image by John Hain from Pixabay