Reflexology is a wonderful age old therapy which never ceases to amaze me. Understanding the potential that it can have to benefit health and quality of life speaks for itself. Reflexology is a therapy that has been used on infants through to the elderly – bringing relief to swollen ankles, colic, menstruation, stress in the body and or mind, making a difference to the well being, general health and more.

Reflexology is applying pressure through massaging, thumb and finger walking over both feet. The hands and face can also be worked with as a separate therapy under the umbrella of reflexology. Stimulating sensors, creating relaxation, easing pain and giving a sense of well being throughout the body.

In the Tomb of The Physician in Saqqara, Egypt from 2330 BCE – there are paintings which illustrate one of the earliest recorded foot and hand massage. One hour treatment currently £45.00 with free consultation add another 30 minutes.

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