It is coming to that time of year when we have cosy nights in ~ I always think of the trees that drop their leaves ~ becoming bare. All of its crowning glory going back to the earth. Playing an important part of feeding the roots beneath the soil.
Metaphorically this time of year I am that tree ~ I let go of things, retreat ~ in Enid Blytons book ‘The Land of Far Beyond’ it taught me as a child about burdens. As an adult I have a habit of filling my rucksack with other peoples problems and it becomes weighty.
Letting go of things I do, is a great relief if they have become heavy ~ being prepared for losing the communication with people you have bonded with is hard. It is near on impossible to stay in touch with everyone who crosses your path.
The greatest gift is knowing you have made a difference ~ this is happening more when I put myself first.
Being free to be me ~ I am by no means perfect and at 56 there is still much to learn. Acknowledging the self and what I am on this earth to be, for me it’s like learning chemistry ~ bloody hard work! It would probably be easier to learn if it were the only thing in life to do!
I had a discussion this morning with a lovely friend ~ we discussed coaches/gurus who have amazing ways and ideas for self improvement. Get up at 5 o’clock, 20 minute rule, 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes planning/scheduling and 20 minutes learning! All before the world wakes up. Don’t get me wrong this is great if you are home alone.
The last time I did exercise in my front room I made Indi B bark and I can’t take her for a walk at 5am in the dark!
So here really this morning to say what Nan would say…
You are only here once (one life at a time is my belief) ~ do what makes you happy and brings you joy ~ for me it IS making a difference. I laugh about certificates and I have collected a few in my time. Never in a million years did I think I would ever get one for this!

©Donna Broomham 2021