It’s been a while, it’s been a journey,
Astronomical changes worldwide.
So much dis-ease yet I look and see,
Mother nature continues outside.

England on lock-down, rules in place,
social distancing, out once for exercise.
Permission to shop for necessities,
panic buying, there’s a surprise!

All about the Corona-Virus, COVID19
or is it? The virus most definitely real.
To create a pandemic such as this,
Makes me wonder what does it conceal?

I never thought in my wildest dreams,
would I witness and experience these days.
Of death, fear, isolation and control,
great for data collection and their ways.

Now with the majority on social media,
big bother has much more to do.
Gaining ever increasing power,
building knowledge about me and you.

It is no secret, research and see for yourself,
like fish in a net we have been caught.
Reliant on the world wide web, hooked,
so much behind the scenes we’re not taught.

Conspiracy theories are rife, fake news too,
what to believe, who to trust? Stand still!
Common sense rules, ditch the paranoia,
contemplate on where we are if you will.

Take back your life, learn about cookies
don’t agree to everything, read even more.
There is time in abundance whilst at home,
it can at times feel like massive chore.

As a nation we are waking up, we can see,
how manipulative some have become.
A selection will just follow like sheep, oblivious,
Well, I will certainly never, never be one.

©Donna Broomham 2021