Many who know me, know I have an infinity with trees. Always drawn to those that stand lifeless with no greenery as statues in the middle of a field. Something I rarely do is walk around the outskirts of my local town I did this just yesterday with my friend Cath B.

This gave me the opportunity to take stock of the trees dotted around, the ones that have been stood throughout the changes. The changes to the town itself and the trees have grown with it. I hugged a maple, beech, sycamore and oak, the silver birch and beautiful weeping willow over the river were out of reach. They were beautiful none the less absolutely fabulous canopies, the girth of their trunks were huge on some. Just holding them brought peace and grounding.

The twists visible in the wood show the movement of life ~ the umbrella of leaves still at the beginning of August give protection. Being in this space reminded me of a poem I had published in 1997 in ‘The International Library of Poetry’ book called Awaken to a Dream.

Wise Old Tree

Oh God my heavenly father, I come before you now,
with all my heart and soul, in humbleness I bow.
Make me like the tree, planted by the stream of water,
Show me the paths of righteousness, stop me if I falter.
For my seed was planted, not even a year ago,
Though I’ve grown and rooted, I’m not that strong you know.
I pray for the first ring in my tree, to become solid and complete,
Oh to be that wise old tree, stood firmly on his feet.
From the warmth of the sun, and the moisture of the rain,
Let the likeness of you flow through every vein.
Please make me strong, by day and night,
Let me nurture, from your loving light.
Is it a lot to ask for, tell me am I fair,
I long to hold my branches out, and touch you in mid air.
“Have faith” I hear you Lord, “Trust in me and I will act”,
I feel your presence Lord, that’s a conscious fact.
You’ve touched my heart that’s special, I will never forget,
On your law I will meditate, for the best hasn’t happened yet!